31 horizontal wells in Changqing Oilfield - Successfully Completed with the Assistance of LH Instruments

The largest horizontal drilling platform H100 in Asia has been successfully completed with the assistance of LH Instruments, which contributed to the centennial anniversary of the CPC.


On June 28, 2021, Changqing Oilfield Company officially announced a revolutionary breakthrough in unconventional oil reservoir exploration in China. Located in Qingyang city, the national science and technology major special shale oil development demonstration project - the largest horizontal drilling platform H100 in Asia has been successfully completed, which contributed to the centennial anniversary of the founding of the CPC, while ensuring national energy security. 


LHE6101 MWD inclinometers produced by LiuheGreatness, as the only inclinometer used in H100 platform, has been applied in the directional and horizontal section construction of all 31 Wells in this major project. The accurate data and stable performance of the instrument have played an important role in increasing the speed and benefit, preventing collision and obstruction, and improving the drilling-encounter ratio to make our contributions to the national energy development and the centennial anniversary of the CPC.


The drilling of the H100 platform began on October 2nd, 2020. The construction period was 182 days, and 31 horizontal wells were completed, with a cumulative footage of 150,000 meters, and an overall speed increase of 42%. It founded the new operation mode of the loess tableland for the first time to conquer the“bottlenecks” technique of the low rate of drilling in the reservoir, difficult large well plexus crash-proof around obstacles and the complex fracture zone leakage prevention conditions. It has created more than 30 optimal indicators, including the maximum offset of 1,266 meters and the shortest drilling cycle of 7.75 days, with an average horizontal section length of 2,040 meters and an average drilling rate of 82.1%. It has achieved five historic breakthroughs, namely, the largest horizontal well platform in Asia, the longest average horizontal section in a single well, the longest cumulative horizontal well section, the largest effectively controlled reserves and the largest fracturecontrolled production reserves. It provides a model for the large-scale use of shale oil reserves.