LH650 series MWD is a positive pulse wireless MWD, which use turbine generators to provide power. The hanger structure is loose-proof in the construction of horizontal wells.The system is widely used in onshore and offshore platforms.


● Adopt wireless communication, no need to lay out cables

● Adapt to variety of complex onshore and offshore working conditions

● Used for different borehole size

● Turbine generator provide power to downhole tool

● Available for selecting natural Gamma, resistivity and depth systemt


● Oil & Gas drilling project

● Coal mine construction

● Horizontal well construction

Environment Parameters

Mud viscosity ≤140s (funnel viscosity)
Mud density ≤2.5g/cm³
Mud sediment  <1%
Pulese signal strength 0.5 to 2.0MPa

Selective Parts parameters

● Depth System 

    Depth range        0 to 9999.99m 1%

● Natural Gamma Module

    API range            0 to 500API    ±3API(0 to 150API)          ±10API(150 to 500AP

    Sensitivity            2.0CPS/API

    Vertical resolution        172mm    

     Max data memory        110,000 Group


Product type

Model OD Temperature Max pressure Buckle type Mud flow rate
LHE3500 4-3/4&Prime;(121mm) 150 ℃ 140Mpa 311X310 9.5~22.1 L/S(150-350GPM)
LHE6500 6-3/4&Prime;(172mm) 150 ℃ 140Mpa 411X410 14.2~41.0 L/S(225-650GPM)
LHE1200 8&Prime;(203mm) 150 ℃ 140Mpa 631X630 14.2~94.6 L/S(225-1500GPM)
9-1/2&Prime;(241mm) 150 ℃ 140Mpa 731X730 14.2~94.6 L/S(225-1500GPM)