Oil & Gas Well Directional Drilling Service

Liuhe Greatness can provide engineering and technical services for various types of directional Wells, horizontal Wells, branch Wells and side drilling horizontal Wells under various well sizes (152.4mm-311.2mm) for domestic and foreign customers.With long horizontal interval (3000 m) on horizontal well technology, high temperature and high pressure deep (175 mpa, 175 ℃) technology, short radius horizontal well (radius of curvature in 60 ~ 70 m or build-up rate of 26 ~ 30 ° / 30 m) horizontal well technology, dual step horizontal well technology, u-shaped and slim-hole window sidetracking technology of wear (casing size ø 139.7 - ø 244.5 mm mm) technology;At the same time, we can provide track measurement (MWD/LWD, electronic single point, fiber optic gyro, etc.), instrument detection and calibration, etc.

It has 96 field engineers, including 10 technical experts, and a professional team integrating directional well, horizontal well technology research and engineering services.Have MWD46 set (independent research and development, the highest compressive strength of 175 mpa, 175 ℃) of heat-resistant, LWD18 set;The company has set up exclusive operation base and maintenance workshop in domestic main oil field, and has the ability to implement directional well technical service of 30 teams at the same time.