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Directional Sensor



LHE1711 Directional Sensor includes a tri-axial fluxgate sensor and a tri-axial quartz accelerometer, which can accurately measure inclination, azimuth, high side tool face, temperature, etc., while outputting gravity component and magnetic component along x- , y- , and z- axises. Applicable to MWD/LWD systems.


● Built-in universal temperature compensation parameters

● Selectable communication interface SPI 3.5V, RS485 3.5V

● High stability, low cost, low power consumption

● Self-development and customizable


● Compatible with MWD system

● Compatible with various inclination measurement systems



Size Φ32mm×437mm / Φ27mm×451mm (Φ1.25″x1.4ft / Φ1.06″x1.5ft)
Temperature 0~175 ℃
Inclined angle 0~180±0.1
azimuth angle 0~360 ° ± 1.0 ° (well deviation> 5 °)
tool surface 0~360±0.5
operating current 60mA @ 28V
operating voltage 22 to 38V
connector interface MDM15P/21S
shock/vibration resistance 20 GRMS