bottom-mounted & retrievable positive pulse MWD

● Ground wireless communication equipment, no need to lay out cables

● Modular design, easy to update and maintain
● Highly accurate sensor assembly
● Natural gamma ray and Depth tracking systems options

LWD Resistivity System

● Two-frequency design, symmetrical compensation, eliminate system errors and borehole influence.

●  Dual spaced design, prevent the influence from tool eccentricity and dielectric effect.

●  Provide 8 curves of amplitude and phase resistivity.

●  Easily scale, eliminate effect on communication errors.

●  Provide real amplitude ratio and phase difference.

●  Modular design, fast and easy maintenance.

●  Strong expandability, battery or turbine alternator for power supply.

●  Compatible with azimuth gamma module.

●  M30 and single bus communication modes are user-configurable.

●  Operation software visualization and specialization.

Near-bit MWD System

●  Near-bit module inclination and dynamic

azimuth gamma imaging measurement

●  Wireless communication with data transmitted

real-time across screw stem, compatible with all mud types

●  Horizontal, ERD, and directional drilling

●  Steering within formations with dipping beds

North-seeking gyro Inclinometer


● No need for ground calibration / automatic north Seeking / no magnetic interference

● Dropping type fiber optic gyro / MWD fiber optic gyro inclinometer / continued fiber optic gyro inclinometer

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