Remote monitoring

The MWD data cloud platform based on oil drilling data services, based on the real-time return data (instrument information, real-time drilling data) on-site, constructs real-time uploading and storage of drilling process data, drilling results data management, and downhole instrument status early warning , Early warning analysis of complex working conditions underground, remote technical support and other resource service applications. Realize the fusion data resource perspective of the drilling block, realize the data information resource fusion service and innovative service, realize the timely understanding of on-site engineering operations through the system, and timely grasp the use of instruments, and provide the basis for the development of follow-up plans for on-site construction.

Make full use of big data information technology, build a fusion analysis platform and display platform, integrate existing data resources, combine the analysis capabilities of big data and business orchestration and display capabilities, and realize blockization with geo-oriented data, engineering measurement data, and attitude measurement data The technical support and early warning analysis provide effective support for improving the efficiency of on-site operations and reducing customer operation and maintenance costs.