• 10-14% of R&D-to-Sales

    Since establishment, Liuhe has always adhered to the Scientific Outlook on Development, attaches importance to R&D of new products and new processes, and guarantees 10-14% of R&D-to-Sales spending. Liuhe achieved excellent results and won the certification of "Beijing Design Innovation Center", "Beijing Top 100 Enterprises in Science and Technology Innovation", "Technologically advanced 'Little Giant' Enterprise", also applied for a number of invention patents.

  • Through nearly 20 years of technology accumulation, Liuhe became the first enterprise to apply wireless communication technology to its products, and successfully reused the technology in its products and marketed it to the market, which has been highly recognized by customers.

        1. Ground wireless communication technology: solves the problem of on-site wiring and improves operation efficiency and reliability;

        2. Downhole short-segment coupling wireless communication technology: solves the problem of long connector connector time and unreliable communication, and improves the efficiency of underground connection operations;

        3. Downhole cross-screw wireless communication technology: solves the problem of near-bit data transmission, and has been maturely applied in China;

        4. Underground metal wireless communication technology: solves the communication problems of LWD, near-bit and MWD, simple operation and improved product reliability.

  • Core products

    As one of Liuhe's core products, Gyro instrument has formed a completed product line, including Fiber Optic Gyro, GWD and continued Gyro. Which is widely applied in the international market, recognized by customers, and raised Liuhe's popularity. Made Liuhe the world's top three Gyro suppliers.

    Liuhe's 175℃/172Mpa MWD is mature products applied in the market, the 200℃ MWD is developing.

    Liuhe is the first enterprice applied Drilling Dynamics Monitor System in China. It provides a strong guarantee for the safety of well control and the speed of drilling.

  • DEES big data platform

    Liuhe has launched the DEES big data platform, which is based on database, integrates downhole measurement parameters, engineering parameters and geological parameters. It can realize industry product cascade connection, and through cloud platform data analysis, product life cycle management and predictive maintenance Guarantee, provide product upgrade data for the supply chain.

R&D Capability