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38.1mm Wireless Measurement While Drilling System



This is a bottom-mounted & retrievable positive pulse MWD, which can be dropped from the top of the well and retrieved from the bottom, accurately measured and easily operated.The instrument uses mature and reliable positive mud pulse technology and transmits standpipe signals via radio to the ground equipment. While using, it does not need to lay out cables. Mud pulse signal generator uses a motor as a driver, its driving force is 2-3 times that of the traditional solenoid valve, especially suitable for working in the high-temperature.


● Retrievable Positive Pulse MWD system

● Ground wireless communication equipment, no need to lay out cables

● Modular design, easy to update and maintain

● Highly accurate sensor assembly

● Natural gamma ray and Depth tracking systems options

● A motor is used as a driver


● Oil& Gas drilling engineering

● Coal mine construction

● Tunnel and non-dig construction

● Slim well orientation / horizontal drilling

Environment parameters

● Mud Viscosity                      ≤140s (funnel viscosity) 

● Mud Density                        ≤2.5g / cm3 

● Mud Sediment                      <1% 

● Mud Pulse Signal Strength      0.5 to 2.0MPa 

● Mud Flow Rate                      5 to 50L / s


Diameter Φ38.1mm
Operating temperature Up to 150°C / 302°F
Max pressure 172MPa
Inclination 0 to 180°    ±0.1°
Azimuth  0 to 360°    ±1.0°
high side tool face 0 to 360°    ±0.5°
Magnetic tool face 0 to 360°    ±0.5°
Data memory Up to 150°C / 302°F
Battery life 180h (with gamma)/200h (without gamma)

Selective Parts

Depth tracking system 

● Depth tracking                Up to 9999.99m 1%(single drill pipe)

Depth tracking system 

● Measurement range        Up to 500API ±2% 

● Sensitivity                      1.5 CPS / API 

● Vertical resolution           172mm 

● Max data memory           300 h@10s / record