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Digital Calibration Stand



LHE0004 Digital Calibration Stand can be used for testing the down-hole directional instruments.

The stand is made of high strength non-magnetic materials and bearings to confirm the whole magnetic field distortion≤30nT/5mm.

The stand only needs to be calibrated once after installation,whatever power-off or not. The azimuth axis can rotate freely 360°because of the slip ring. The Inc hand wheel is fixed in the best position so that the operator stays in a safe place. The LHE0014 PC software is designed professionally to satisfy the customer's special and personal requirement of the testing data.


● Non-magnetic, and simple appearance

● Adopt non-magnetic encoder of absolute value

● Test probes at all azimuth angles from 0 to 360° with non-magnetic slip ring

● Digital real-time display with USB interface

● Used for testing kinds of inclinometers

● Synchronously displaying and saving data with LHE0014 PC software

● Reserved custom power interface


● Calibrate oil drilling inclinometers and compass

● Calibrate geological borehole survey tools

Technical Parameters

Inclination 0 to 180°    ±0.05° 
Azimuth  0 to 360°    ±0.05° 
Tool face 0 to 360°    ±0.05°      
Clamping diameter Φ26 to 55mm(1.02” to 2.17”)
Communication interface     USB
Weight 70kg
Dimension Φ800mmx1300mm(31.5 "x51.2")
Foot size Φ60mmx40mm(2.36 "x1.57")
Power supply AC85 to 264V
Temperature range -20 to 55°C /-4 to 131°F    
Load capacity ≤ 20kg