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ESS & EMS Survey Instrument



The probe sensor of the instrument consists of tri-axis acceleration sensor and tri-axis fluxgate sensor, provide magnetic and gravitational hattitude parameters.The micro-processor system is embedded inside,avoiding the manual reading error. It can preserve 2000 groups of data at most, with professional data-processing software to calculate the trajectory easily.


● Adopt mini high precision solid statesensor

● High reliable probe which is able to bear the shock of 3500g (7.7lbs)

● Provide parameters: attitude, magnetic density, temp and power

● Rechargeable battery and controlled intelligently

● The data are all with real-time clock label


● Monitor the borehole trajectory in oil drilling project

● Drilling construction in coal mine

● Borehole survey in geological drilling


Inclined 0 to 60°/180°      ±0.2°  
Azimuth 0 to 360°            ±1.0°
Gravity tool face 0 to 360°            ±0.5°
Magnetic tool face 0 to 360°            ±0.5° 
Magnetic density 0 to 100μT         ±0.5μT
Magnetic dip -90° to 90°         ±0.5° 
Temperature  Up to 125°C / 257°F


Model OD Pressure Resistance Max temperauture Notes
LHE123301 Φ45mm/1.77” 75MPa(10875psi) 125°C/257°F EMS
LHE113501 Φ35mm/1.38” 120MPa(17400psi) 125°C/257°F Small OD EMS
LHE127601 Φ45mm/1.77” 150MPa(21750psi) 260°C/500°F High Temperature EMS
LHE313301 Φ45mm/1.77”     75MPa(10875psi) 125°C / 257°F Electronic Single Shot
LHE313501 Φ35mm/1.38” 120MPa(17400psi) 125°C/257°F Small OD ESS
LHE327601 Φ45mm/1.77” 150MPa(21750psi) 260°C/500°F High Temperature ESS
LHE116601 Φ40mm/1.57” 140MPa(20305psi) 200°C/392°F     Small OD High Temperature EMS