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Geological Winch



Geological winch is to lift and lower logging tools by wireline or armored cable in geology, exploration, coal and oil fields operations. It is small, lightweight and easy to operate. The winch uses mechanical chain drive. It is of compact structure. It adopts inverter to control motor speed and realize stepless speed regulation. No matter at high speed or low speed, the routing rules are orderly. The winch compose of rack, drum, motor, control box and other components. Control box display logging depth, speed and tension.


● Automatic rope arranging

● Reasonable structure with double brake design

● Easy to move for operation

● Real-time digital display

● Stepless speed regulation


● Coal mining, construction,    water conservancy project

Technical Parameters 

Model LHE2025 Wire  winch LHE2025E Cable winch
Motor power 1200W 1500W
Operating voltage 220V AC 380V AC
Lifting load ≥ 100kg ≥ 400kg
Speed range 200 to 2000m/h 200 to 2000m/h  
Roller capacity 1500m Φ2.5mm wireline 2500m Φ4.76mm armored cable
Dimensions 770 × 700 × 500mm 1015 × 810 × 680mm
Net weight 130Kg(without wireline) 210Kg(without cable)