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Gyro Instrument



The fiber optic gyro adopts the widely used combination of dynamically tuned gyro and two axes accelerometer and seeks north at two locations. The error model of dynamically tuned gyro is complicated and the accuracy of is difficult to improve due to its own principle for big inclination wells. Besides, the vibration resistance of gyro sensor is weak. However, the severe environment requires the sensor with strong vibration resistance, so we uses fiber optic gyro sensor in this gyro system. As there are no moving parts, the vibration problem is solved effectively. The fiber optic gyro can be designed to be steering mode or drop survey mode, which enhances the survey accuracy and range.


● Aerospace-quality optical fiber gyro sensor

● True North Finding

● Various vibration design, good vibration resistance,high stability, and convenient to    calibrate

● Steering survey of gyro high side, real-time monitoring display

● Multi work mode: single/Multi shot ,drop, direnctional mode


Inclinometer system while drilling

geological guidance system

Technical Parameters

Azimuth 0 to 360°±1.0°
Surveying time of each data group ≤ 70s
Tool face 0 to 360°±0.5°
Load impedance ≤ 200 Ω
Surface unit dimension 235 × 105 × 245mm

Environment parameters

Pressure 80Mpa
Shock 1000g 0.5mS half sine wave
Vibration 10G,30Hz to 200Hz to 30Hz
Surface unit operating temp -20 to 55°C / -4 to 131°F
Surface unit input voltage AC100 to 242V,50 to 60Hz


Type OD Temp Inclination Notes
LHE225401 Φ48mm/1.89” 175°C/347°F/4h 0to90±0.1° High temp wireline
LHE221401 Φ42mm/1.65”     70°C/158°F   0to90±0.1° memory mode