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Survey Section of ESS



It adopts the embedded system to process the data, which eliminates manual reading error, obtains multigroup of data from every survey point and carries out self-check automatically. It has been widely used for oil drilling, directional drilling, coal mine construction and vertical wells. It is the update products of the magnetic camera inclinometer.


● Adopt mini high precision solid state sensor

● Lower power consumption; rechargeable battery; small OD probe of Φ27mm(1.06″)

● Provide parameters: attitude, magnetic, temperature and power

● Obtain multi-group of data from every survey point, which have real time clock label

● High reliability; shock resistance up to 3500g(7.7lbs)

● Provide special data-processor or process the data via computer

● The ideal substitute of photographic single shot instrument and compatible with 45mm (1.77″) running gear of     photographic single shot tool

Technical Parameters

Inclined 0 to 60°/180°               ±0.2°
Azimuth 0 to 360°                     ±1.0°
High side tool face 0 to 360°                     ±0.5°
Magnetic tool face orientatio 0 to 360°                     ±0.5°
Magnetic intensity 0 to 100μT                   ±0.5μT
Magnetic dip -90° to 90°                  ±0.5 
Temperature  Up to 125°C / 257°F      ±2.0°C/±3.6°F