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Self-floating Electronic Single-shot Instrument



This tool is put down to the bottom of the survey point by the pump pressure. After survey completes, the tool will float off to the wellhead depending on its own buoyancy, no winch is needed. The self-floating series can be applied in full range of conditions. Especially the carbon fiber pontoons, it is light weight and strong buoyancy that is widely used in the vertical wells of small mud weight (can be as less as 1.0), which resolves the contradiction between inclination and mud weight when drilling in oil and gas wells of small formation pressure.


● Winch is not needed

● Descending or floating up depending on mud circulation

● High precision probe with shock resistance to 3500g (7.72 lbs)

● Provide well attitude parameters

● Applicable condition: mud wight is among 0.8 to 2.0g/cm3(0.03 to 0.07 lb/in3), inclination<40°


● Monitor he well trajectory in oil drilling project

Technical Parameters

Inclined  0 to 60°                             ±0.2°
Azimuth  0 to 360°                           ±1.0°
Magnetic density 0 to 100μT                         ±0.5μT
Magnetic dip -90° to 90°                        ±0.5°
Temperature  Up to 125°C / 257°F            ±2.0°C


Model OD Relative weight Pressure Notes
LHE423301 Φ48mm 1.00 75MPa Common self-floating ESS
LHE423501 Φ48mm 1.10 105MPa Deep-well self-floating ESS
LHE423503 Φ48mm 1.17 120MPa Super deep-well self-floating ESS
LHE423201 Φ48mm 0.97 50MPa Strong buoyancy self-floating ESS
LHE423302 Φ49mm 0.83 75MPa Carbon-fiber self-floating ESS
LHE423502 Φ49mm 0.97 105MPa Deep-well carbon-fiber self-floating ESS
LHE423202 Φ49mm 0.74 50MPa Strong buoyancy carbon-fiber  self-floating ESS
LHE423303 Φ49mm 0.81 75MPa Carbon-fiber self-floating ESS
LHE413302 Φ40mm 0.90 65MPa Slim hole self-floating ESS
LHE413301 Φ36mm 0.95 65MPa Slim hole self-floating ESS