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Retrievable & Fishing Survey Instrument



With the development of drilling techniques in recent years, the compound techniques with downhole motor is popularizing rapidly. In the process of drilling, as the mud circulat-ing,high-speed running of motor, the traditional self-floating tool is hard to collect the accu-rate data in the stationary state. This has been a puzzle for the drilling technicians. Retrievable & Fishing Tool is just developed in order to solve this problem. The tool hold the advantages of self-floating and also insure the accurate survey when using the downhole motor. Its work theory is that drop the survey section in the hole and start the pump at the same time, do survey after arrive at the bottom of the well. After finishing survey, drop the fishing section in and push down to the bottom through the pump pressure. Stop the pump after the both sections joint each other, the tool will float up by the own buoyancy.


● Applied to self-floating survey when using the downhole motor

● Inbuilt solid sensor component, high vibration-proof

● High accuracy and more reliable, low power consumption

● Multi-group data from each survey point, self-checking function


● Monitor the well trajectory in oil drilling project

Technical Parameters

Inclination 0 to 60°                ±0.2°
Azimuth  0 to 360°                ±1.0°
Gravity tool-face 0 to 360°                ±0.5°    
Magnetic tool face 0 to 360°                ±0.5°    
Temperature range Up to 125°C / 257°F            ±2.0°C /3.6°F
Timing  0 to 99 min
Working temperature  Up to 125°C / 257°F
Communication port RS-232
Power 7.2V Rechargeable battery pack
Weight 200g