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Rotary Magnetic Ranging System



The RMRS kit, which has been widely used in well intersections for its high pinpoint accuracy, mainly consists of a Rotating Magnet Sub, a RMRS Sensor Probe ,a surface controller and data software.


● High pinpoint accuracy for artificial magnetic field

● Single cable simplify equipment operation

● Small size sensor probe can be used in most well


● U-shaped coalbed methane well

● Water-soluble mining well

● Obstacle avoidance drilling of geological exploration wells

● Steam assisted gravity production parallel well control

● The ventilation shaft connected with roadway

● Ultra-deep trenchless well

Product parameters

Inclinaiton 0 to 90°      ±0.2°    
Azimuth  0 to 360°    ±1° 
Tool face 0 to 360°    ±1°(INC>6°)
Operating temperature 0 to 360°    ±1°(INC>6°)
Outer diameter Φ42mm/1.65″ 
Measuring distance Up to 80m 
Max pressure 80MPa
Power supply  lithium battery , 4 hours