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Oil Fill Station



This equipment adopts pressure gauge as the sensor and electromagnetic valve as the actuator. It uses micro-processor to realize automatically control. Oil fluid circulate inside the pulser, and pressure is added during oil filling, which can effectively exhaust the residual gas in the pulser. It will alarm when abnormal condition occurs and no need watching, which significantly reduce the work intensity of technical staff.
● Unique design of control procedure
● Unattended refilling process
● Oil status is visible
● Digital display of each period
● Automatic alarm on abnormal condition
● Cabinet is easy to transport and maintain
● Apply to filling for down-hole tool
● Automatic or manual filling
● Fill oil for pulser
Technical Parameters

● Maximum capacity    1L/0.26 gal

● Maximum vacuum        <0.01MPa/1.45psi

● Fuel viscosity        50 to 100cst

● Power supply        220 VAC/110 VAC(±10%)


● Model                                          LHE6027                                          LHE6027B

● Name                                Oil Fill Station for Oil-Sac pulser                    Oil Fill Station for Piston pulser 

● Standard filling time          4h                                                              <15min

● Operating temperature     -20°C to 40°C / -4°F to 104°F                       -20°C to 55°C / -4°F to 131°F

● Flow Capacity                   0.6L / 0.16 gal                                             0.3L / 0.08 gal
● Maximum power               660W                                                         220W

● Dimension                        800x550x500mm                                         500x450x270mm

                                            31.5x21.7x19.7in                                            19.7x17.7x10.6in

● Weight                              65kg / 143.3lbs                                            23Kg / 50.7lbs