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High Temperature PMWD System



It is engineering parameter measurement system that provides wireless transmission of real-time HP/HT data to directly measure the pressure and temperature of annular and string during drilling. Annular pressure and temperature testing is the important basis to determine drilling fluid density, optimize drilling fluid performance and identify hole cleanliness. It is of great significance to improve drilling speed, reduce drilling complexity, realize underbalanced drilling and improve completion quality.


● Provide real-time measurement parameters

● Real-time data upload

● Provide special data processing terminal


● It is suitable for high temperature well environment. Collect borehole temperature and pressure in real-       time .

Technical Parameters

Operating temperature Up to 175°C / 347°F    ±1°C / 33.8°F
Annulus pressure 0 to 172MPa              ±1%F.S
Pressure 172Mpa
Storage interval 2 to 10s
Memory 200h @ 2s storage interval
Working time 200h
OD Φ172mm