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Bit Speed Measurement System



With the continuous development of oil drilling technology, the intensity of oil exploration and development is increasing year by year. Research on bit performance is increasingly urgent. Conventional measuring system uses cover plate, which is difficult to disassemble and assemble. The instrument is too long, which seriously affects the screw build-up rate and bit life. In order to meet the urgent demand of drilling bit parameters, our company develop the system.

● Sleeve structure is more thick, resistant to erosion and wear;

● The shorter length can reduce the screw building slope.

● Adopt double battery, working time is up to 300h, and easy to replace.

● The whole machine adopts general materials with low manufacturing cost and low material replacement cost.


● Directional and horizontal well construction.
Technical Parameters
OD/ID                     178mm/50mm
Length                    700mm
Speed                     0 to 255rpm±1rpm
Temperature            125°C / 257°F
Pressure                  140MPa
Storage interval        3 to 120s(adjustable)
Memory                  64M,200h @ 3s interval
Working time           200h
Random vibration     10grms,50 to 200Hz