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Stick-slip Vibration Measurement Sub



Stick-slip Vibration Measurement Sub, can measure, analyze, record and transmit axial vibration, lateral vibration, stick-slip grade and other parameters in real-time . The tool evaluates downhole drilling safety and provides real-time warning of possible damage to MWD and other downhole instruments. By uploading vibration and stick-slip data in real time, the operation mode can be adjusted in time to maximize drilling efficiency while ensuring drilling safety.


● Independent R&D with magnetic communication patent technology.

● Compatible with kinds of MWD.

● Low power consumption, ensure the original operating time.

● Provide standard protocol interface. It can be customized.


● Safety monitoring of downhole operation.

● Downhole pressure control system.


● Operating Temperature                                150°C / 302°F

● Rotary speed range of the tool                     0 to 300RPM        ±1RPM

● Rotary speed range of Stick-slip                  0 to 1500RPM    ±2%

● Sampling period of Stick-slip                       10s(settable)

● Measurement range of  triaxial vibration      0 to 120g        ±1%

● Sampling freqency of  triaxial vibration        100Hz

● Sampling period of triaxial vibration            10s(settable)

● Memory interval                                           10s(settable)

● Memory size                                                128Mb